I just started my own business – What now?

First of all, congratulations!I know how exciting this decision can be – exciting and scary at the same time.You have a great product or service to sell, you have a business plan, and now all you need is customers.However, before you get too much further, you also need Business Insurance.

I would suggest you call your Encharter Insurance agent or visit us at www.encharter.com for a free online business insurance quote.We have a few questions to ask and then we can look into getting you a Business Owners Policy or BOP. A BOP combines business liability insurance (insurance for accidents on your premises or insurance for injuries caused by your product or your service) with business property insurance (insurance for your inventory, equipment, sales samples, etc.)In general a BOP offers you a low cost business insurance option for your new business.

In addition to a BOP, I would also recommend you consider Business Auto Insurance.This is critical if you have a car registered to your business.However, even if you do not, you need a Business Auto insurance quote if an employee uses their car while on company business (for example to run some mail to the post office)For incidental business auto insurance, you can add hired / non-owned auto coverage to your BOP policy.So visit us online for an online business auto quote today.

Lastly, if you have any employees, you will need Workers Compensation Insurance. In Mass and CT Workers Compensation Insurance is mandatory if you have employees. At Encharter Insurance you can request an online workers compensation insurance quote via our website.

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