I’m the Carpool Parent…Now What?

If you have been given the ever-important role of being the carpool parent this school year, first, we commend you. Whether you are committed to the morning drop-off, after school pick-up, or both, you could potentially have your hands full on these rides. Remain calm, bring some snacks, and have some soothing music to calm the kids calm. Once you have handled that, there are some things you should know when it comes to car insurance. There are several coverage limits you should talk with your agent about, just to be sure you have the protection you need. More time on the road in a car full of sometimes distracting kids could easily be a recipe for an accident, even if their New Jersey school is just around the corner from you.

NJ Car Insurance If you were to be found at-fault in an accident and someone was injured, optional bodily injury coverage on your car insurance policy would help pay damages for those injuries. What about if you were involved in an accident and it was not your fault? One thing to keep in mind, especially if someone were to get hurt, is to have uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured motorist coverage to cover incidents like these. Another coverage to talk with your agent about if someone were to be hurt in an accident is medical payments. Lastly, if you are getting paid to be the carpool person, you may need to change the car to “business use” on your policy!

We want you and your kids to head back to school as safely as you possibly can and stay that way throughout the school year. If you want to check up on your auto insurance policy with one of our agents, give them a call today. They can walk you through your current policy coverages and make sure you have the coverage where you need and at the best rate. Call them today if you have questions at 888.865.1244!

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