I’m Riding with a Passenger…Now What?

How often do you a bring a passenger with you when you ride your motorcycle? Have you ever wondered if you Connecticut motorcycle insurance would cover them in the event of an accident? Would you coverage help pay their medical bills if they are hurt? These are questions you should know the answer to before riding with a passenger.

ct motorcycle insuranceYour Connecticut motorcycle insurance doesn’t always include guest coverage. The best thing you can do before you ride with a guest is call your agent and be sure this coverage is added to your policy. Another thing to talk about with your agent is medical payments coverage. As mentioned above, in the event that your passenger was hurt this would be the coverage that would help pay their medical bills.

When you hit the open road with a passenger it’s your job to make sure you have the ride coverage not just for you and your bike, but for them as well. If you have specific questions about your CT motorcycle insurance coverage call your agent and talk to them. They can help you walk through coverage options and tailor your motorcycle policy to fit your specific riding needs. Give our agents a call today at 888.865.1244 and they can get you on the road to the right coverage.

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