I’m Not Sure I Have Enough Liability Coverage…Now What?

When people think of Massachusetts liability insurance coverage they often can’t think of situations in which they would truly use it. The truth is there are plenty of accidents that can happen where you are held liable. Beyond someone tripping and falling on your property, a lot can happen and in those situations you will need liability coverage on your Massachusetts home insurance, auto insurance, or even an umbrella insurance policy to cover you.

ma liability coverageIf you are opening your car door on the street and a bicyclist hits your door… now what? You would liable for the injury that person suffered. Luckily the liability insurance coverage on your auto insurance policy will respond. Another situation where liability can come into play? Let’s say you’re golfing and your ball hits someone’s head instead of where you thought it would. Your home insurance liability coverage can help cover the cost of injuries suffered.

The liability coverage on your home insurance policy doesn’t just stay at your home. In the event you are on vacation and accidentally injure someone, the coverage will also be there. Think: rainy day in London and someone trips over that must-have umbrella you brought.

In all of the above situations if there is serious injury or a lawsuit you may find that your home or auto liability coverage doesn’t cut it. That’s what MA umbrella insurance is for! Umbrella insurance is an added layer of protection beyond the limits of your home and auto liability. If you have more questions about liability or any kind of insurance, feel free to give our agents a call at 888.865.1244. They can even get you an umbrella insurance policy quote.

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