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I’m Trying to Be Better About My Bills…Now What?

Sometimes the first step in financial stability is keeping track of your bills and making sure you are paying them on time. The best place to start may be with your insurance bills. Did you know that for your insurance monthly installment fees can add up to $75 or MORE to your annual insurance costs?  That’s right, your Massachusetts home insurance and auto insurance could be more just based on the way you are paying them. And that is if you are paying them on time.

insurance billsTo that point, if you fall behind and a cancellation notice is issued and additional $25 (or more) will be added to your installment?  There are many payment options available.  The easiest way to stay current and on budget is through EFT billing.  EFT billing is Electronics Fund Transfers, another term for automatic payments. With EFT you are usually offered an extended billing plan without a monthly installment fee. You will need to be sure to keep funds available for the withdrawal, but that was part of your resolution, right?

Doesn’t EFT seem like a no-brainer? You eliminate the worry of paying your bill on time and you save money. Another no-brainer that can make organizing your insurance easier is bundling your policies. When you have your MA auto insurance and home insurance with the same carrier you are sure to get a discount. On top of that, you can sometimes receive just one bill in the mail.

No matter how you pay your insurance, it is so important to be on time. If you have questions about your policy, need a quote or need to pay your bill (maybe this blog is a friendly reminder), give our staff a call at 888.865.1244.

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