I’m Worried About Coverage for Sinkholes…Now What?

Picture this you come home to find a sinkhole on your property. Yes, this can really happen. Sinkholes are essentially areas where acidic groundwater has caused the layers of the ground to become weaker and weaker until there are empty spaces underground. When this happens, those areas collapse and cause considerable damage.

insurance coverage for a sinkholeSinkholes aren’t necessarily common in Massachusetts, but they also happen more often than you think. Did you know Pennsylvannia is one of the most common areas for sinkholes? Some disaster scenarios happen too far from home to ever imagine affecting us, but sinkholes aren’t one of those.

Are you worried about coverage for sinkholes with  your MA home insurance ? The answer may surprise you. If your home suffers damage from a sinkhole you would not be covered. Fortunately, there is no extra policy process to go through. Have a conversation with your agent about adding coverage to your homeowners insurance policy for sinkhole damage.

Sinkhole damage can include as much as damage to your foundation. As you can imagine, that could really add up. Another common instance of damage is issues with your driveway. If you start to notice cracks, it could be the start of a sinkhole. If that is the case, your homeowners insurance would also not cover any repairs needed there. Call us today and ask about sinkhole coverage. Adding the supplemental coverage to your policy could save you tens of thousands in the event that a sinkhole does damage your property.

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