I’m Worried About a Drunk Guest on Thanksgiving…Now What?

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? The older I get the more and more I appreciate and simplicity of the holiday. Spending time with those you love, being thankful for everything you have, and eating great food really is the ideal recipe for a holiday. In our holiday party insurance blog we discussed all of the liability issues of hosting a gathering.

As much as we all love Thanksgiving, one of the common stories we hear is that of a relative getting a little too drunk guest liabilitydrunk. Sometimes it provides a laugh, but it’s important to make sure it doesn’t create a situation that becomes dangerous. First off, make sure he or she has a safe, sober ride home. If they do leave your home and get into an accident, it could be you that is held liable.

What if that relative stumbles around the home and breaks some of your personal belongings? This is where your personal property coverage on your Connecticut home insurance will help cover you. Another incident this could cause is if he injures himself. You’ll want to make sure you have medical payments or liability coverage in the event you have to pay for his medical bills.

What more can you do to prepare for this and other issues this holiday season? Give your agent a call and get all those pesky coverage questions off your chest. Also, keep in mind how tight money is this time of year. Give our agents a call at 888.865.1244 and they can get you multiple quotes with great discounts and you may have a little extra money to spend on all of those gifts.

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