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Instagram Tagging Option

Instagram Small BusinessHow often do the people you follow on Instagram post pictures of their Starbucks coffee with the encouraging caption like “this is the only thing getting me through this Monday”?  Or pictures of their Chipotle burritos with the mouthwatering title “this is hitting the spot”?  You may think to yourself, these might as well be advertisements for these companies.
Well, now they can be!  With Instagram’s new tagging feature, you can tag businesses or products in photos, just as you would tag a friend on Facebook.  This free promotion can actually more successful than certain paid advertisements because it is coming from people you know and trust.

This also allows for the opportunity for businesses to interact directly with the users who tag their products.  From everything we’ve been learning about businesses using social media, one of the biggest lessons we take away is that it’s a “two-way street”.  We know it’s all about engagement with your customers and possibly reaching out to new ones.  This new tagging feature is a great way to learn more about the users of your product and see other feedback that people may have.

Furthermore, brands can choose which of these tagged photos to showcase on their profile so they can benefit
from photos with a lot of positive feedback without worrying about potentially damaging ones.  This new feature sounds like a win-win with mutual incentive.  Who wouldn’t want to be the (temporary) face of Nike?  Loyal fans will gladly tag Nike in their creative photos sporting the “swoosh” symbol on their gear.   This is fun for Nike users and beneficial for the company.  Businesses that encourage their users to tag their products will definitely benefit from this new feature.  The same can happen if you encourage your clients to tag your small business in their posts. It’s a great opportunity to show off your products, employees, or your office to potential customers, through your current loyal customers.

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