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Instagram Video is Here!

Instagram Video Small BusinessIt’s official, Instagram video is here! What does that mean for Vine? I think only time will tell which people prefer. However, there are some differences between Instagram Video and Vine that should be noted. Instagram videos will allow for 15 seconds of video (instead of the six that Vine allows) and also for people to choose from thirteen filters for their videos. The new feature was made available today and is a free update for those with an existing account. Looking for video mode? Click the mini movie icon that will now appear after you update and get started!

You can place together any number of short individual video clips, much like Vine. There is also an added image stability feature that can straighten out those shaky videos. Keep your eyes open for Vine to make some changes to keep up with its new competition. Having the ability to make your videos much longer and adding filters is definitely an added bonus Vine isn’t offering so I’m sure they will be coming out with similar features. I think the best part, from a small business stanpoint, is that you can essentially have Vine and Instagram in one. Any way, as marketers, we can eliminate the need for another platform to manage and monitor, it makes our lives that much easier!

Comment and let us know if you will be using Instagram video for your business Instagram account. As always, I would love to hear what fun ways you are utilizing the latest features on Instagram to promote your business.

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