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Insurance Coverage For Your Jet Ski

Jet skis and other summer toys can be the highlight of summer. Riding around on your local lake or in the sea is something to look forward to. Before you hop on and start riding, make sure you have coverage in case an accident happens. You never know what you might face, and insurance can help if something doesn’t go as planned. Look into Personal Watercraft Coverage (PWC) for your jet ski this summer!

What is PWC?

PWC or personal watercraft coverage is designed to help cover you when you are out on the water. It can cover jet skis, boats, and other water vehicles. It’s a good idea to have this type of coverage before you take your jet ski out onto the water.

What Does PWC cover?

If you have personal watercraft coverage, it can help cover these things:

  • Liability Coverage – if an accident involving another human or boat/watercraft happens while you are on the water, then that’s when you may need liability coverage. If you are at fault, the costs associated with the incident can be costly.
  • Physical Damage – this coverage is there to help protect your watercraft. While physical damage coverage is not required, it can be helpful if you get into an accident.
  • Medical Payments – This coverage is design to help you or any passengers that sustain an injury on the water. It can help cover some of those associated medical expenses. Medical bills can become a big burden quickly, but this coverage can help with eligible expenses.

It’s important to talk to your agent about the right coverage for you. Your agent can help you customize your coverage limits and work out the premiums and deductibles to work for your jet ski. Getting the right coverage can help protect you and those around you when out on the water.

What Do I Need it for?

PWC coverage isn’t just limited to the descriptions above. You should talk to your agent about the specifics of your coverage. Coverages can vary by policy. However, here are some useful things that PWC may cover:

  • Towing if your jet ski breaks down
  • Physical damage to your jet ski or related equipment
  • Damage that you cause to another watercraft or dock
  • Injuries to other people that which you are at fault
  • Injuries or damages to you caused by another driver

Is Coverage Required?

Coverage requirements can vary by state. Check with your local and state laws to see if you need coverage. Sometimes, banks or lenders may require you to insure your watercraft if you are financing or leasing it. Regardless if it is mandated or not, having adequate insurance coverage can be helpful. Expenses add up and accidents are unpredictable.

How Much Does PWC Insurance Cost?

There are many factors that can affect the cost of your insurance. These factors include:

  • Make and model of your jet ski
  • The engine it has
  • The current value
  • Any modifications or specifications of your watercraft
  • Where you store it
  • The policy and coverage
  • How you use it


This summer, make sure you have some protection before you hop on that jet ski. Having insurance can help you cruise with some peace of mind. Talking to your agent and figuring out how to best meet your needs can help keep you and others safe on the water!


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