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What Insurance Do I Need for My Store?

Owning a retail store can be a rewarding experience, but it’s no easy task. With all the hard work and dedication put into your business, you’ll want to make sure it’s protected. There is a lot that could go wrong. While we always hope that everything goes smoothly, accidents happen unexpectedly. Here are some things to think about if you own a store, or you are thinking about opening one!

Commercial Property

If you have a physical store location, having property insurance can be a lifesaver. It helps cover both the inside and outside of your business. It can include: equipment, lost inventory, damage to others’ property, the physical building, furniture, and more. If an accident or disaster were to strike, commercial property coverage could be a huge financial help.

General Liability

General liability is important for almost any business. If something happens and you are face with a lawsuit, general liability coverage can help protect you financially. It can help cover claims incurred by negligence, bodily injury, and property damage. General liability can come in handy if a customer is harmed by an item that you sold. While these things may not happen regularly, it’s helpful to be protected just in case.

Loss of Income

If you may have a loss of income because of suspended operations after a disaster, loss of income coverage can help. It can be devastating to a retail business if it cannot operate. That’s why it’s important to consider loss of income coverage.

Workers Comp

If you have employees working at your store, having workers compensation coverage is essential. In many states, workers comp is required. It helps cover employees if they get injured or sick on the job. It’s there to help if your employee has medical fees, loss of income due to injury, or if they decide to file a lawsuit against you.


A BOP, or business owners policy, is a bundle of various common coverages. They are popular among small businesses because they help offer protection your business needs. Typically, you can work with your insurance agent to customize your BOP to your retail business and your specific needs. Going with a BOP can often be cheaper than buying all the coverages separately!

Commercial Auto Insurance

Depending on the activities of your business, you may want to think about commercial auto insurance. It’s similar to your personal auto insurance policy, but it applies to company vehicles. If your company owns a delivery van, or other company vehicle , you’ll need commercial auto coverage. Accidents can happen every time you are on the road, so it’s crucial that you have insurance for your company cars.

Protecting your store doesn’t need to be a daunting experience. Having the right coverage can be as easy as a phone call to your insurance agent. They can help you figure out what you need to help protect your business from whatever the world throws at it. Talk to your agent about insurance for your retail business and discuss the right coverage for you.

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