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Insurance for Your Growing Business

The goal of every business and business owner is to grow. While the definition of “growth” can vary widely, success is a universal desire. This year, as your business continues growing, it’s important to consider how growth can affect business operations. Reaching your 2020 business goals doesn’t need to compromise the safety of your business. Here are ways to help protect your business this upcoming year.

Upping Your Coverage Limits

Growing your business can also result in a higher risk when things go wrong. As you plan on getting bigger this year, think about upping your coverage limits. For instance, if you move to a larger office space or warehouse, you may find yourself in need of more property insurance coverage. Evaluate your current small business insurance coverages to see if they are enough to help protect your business if an accident occurred.

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Adding on Workers Comp

Hiring more employees is exciting. Maybe you’ve moved from being the sole person in the company to having another person or two in the business. Or maybe you’re taking on a few more people this year. Whatever the case, it’s important to have workers comp. Often times, having workers comp is a requirement. Investing in workers’ comp can show your employees that you care, and save you some headache if things go wrong.

Addressing Company Vehicles

Are you adding on a company car? Are you expanding your fleet? Make sure that your commercial auto insurance is ready for the changes ahead. Every state is different and has its own set of regulations regarding commercial auto insurance. Work with your insurance agent to find out the right coverage for your business. You may find that you need to add some additional coverage, like comprehensive coverage or roadside assistance. Staying ahead of accidents on the road can help protect your business.

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Prepare for Cyber Attacks

No matter the size or scale of your business, cyber attacks are a threat. Being prepared for them is critical in this digital age. There are steps you can take to prevent cyber attacks from harming your business, such as educating yourself and your employees, as well as getting a cyber insurance policy. Digital threats are only increasing in prevalence and they are important to be cognizant of as your business expands.

Finding the Insurance Company that Works for You

Every insurance company and agent is different. It’s important to shop around and find out what company and policies fit your business’s needs. Many different factors can play into your insurance decisions, such as location, business size, and industry. Do your homework and see what’s best for your growing business. At Encharter, we are a women-led business and strive to offer helpful, caring service. Often, being a woman in business comes with societal challenges and insurance shouldn’t be an additional burden. We can help you get the coverage you need to protect your business. We are here to help!

Reaching your goals and achieving success is hard work. Don’t let insurance stand in the way of that. Insurance is like a safety net for those unpredictable incidents that may happen. Be prepared for them so that these accidents don’t hinder your business’s growth.

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