What Insurance Do I Need Hosting My Own Wedding?

wedding insurance

Sometimes the simple things in life are the best. Having a wedding in your own backyard can be a great option for some couples. Whether it’s to save money or to have a more intimate ceremony, hosting a wedding at home can create great memories. Weddings can be expensive and the list of costs can add up quickly. These days, you can save a lot of money with do-it-yourself work. Whether it’s a small project such as wedding favors or if you’re hosting the entire ceremony, keep in mind that handling insurance will also be up to you. When it comes to hosting your own wedding, your insurance agent can be a great asset to your wedding planning team. They can help you figure out where you may need more coverage and even help connect you with a commercial lines insurance expert if you will need commercial coverage.

Allow us to break down some insurance information for hosting your wedding:

  • Homeowners Insurance & Liability
  • Liquor Liability
  • Special Event Insurance


Homeowners Insurance & Liability

When hosting a wedding, the amount of insurance you think you need can be overwhelming. The liability on your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the wedding if the ceremony is in your own backyard. If alcohol is going to be served, now is a good time to increase your liability limit or add an umbrella policy to your existing coverage for extra protection. Whenever alcohol is involved there is always a greater chance for accidents and other things go wrong.  If something were to happen to one of your guests, whether they were still at the party or on the way home, you could be held responsible. Having the added liability coverage of an umbrella policy could be a big relief.

wedding liquor liability

Liquor Liability

It’s important to remember to promote safety if you are hosting and liquor is involved. Remind guests not to drink and drive. One thing you may want to do before the wedding is get the phone number of local taxi companies handy. Having that information easily accessible and visible to guests could encourage them to call and get a ride instead of getting behind the wheel if they have been drinking. As the host, it’s a win-win for you! Your guests are safe and you are safe from any liability issues that could stem from an accident while leaving your home. Another thing you will want to do is speak to an agent about is potentially obtaining liquor liability coverage. Liquor liability coverage helps you if you are found liable for an unfortunate accident because alcohol was being served. The last thing you would want is a lawsuit because you didn’t have the right insurance coverage. If you have a caterer or bartender at your home, ask them about their liquor liability coverage. It may be enough or you may want to obtain your own.


wedding insurance
Special Event Insurance

Depending on your wedding situation, you may also want to look into special event insurance. Especially if you’re hosting the ceremony, it can help give you the coverage you need. Your home insurance policy will cover ten percent of your overall contents coverage, which will help protect things like wedding gifts if they happen to be stolen. Talking to an agent can help determine the right amount of coverage for an event policy depending on your specific needs.  If a relative or friend is hosting the event, their name would have to be on the insurance, not necessarily the bride or groom. If this is the case you may want to recommend coverage to them. While you don’t want to put too much on their plate, keep in mind having them talk to an agent about insurance is protecting them.

When it comes to food, the issue is whether you are cooking and serving the food or not. If you prepared and served the food, then you are held reliable in the event food poisoning should occur. If you’re hiring a catering company, or other vendor services, they should have their own liability insurance policies. It’s a good idea to double check and ask an agent to help you make sure that they do. The vendor will have no problem answering any question about their insurance coverage if they have the right plan in place.

If you are hosting a wedding, make sure you do your best to clear and secure the area of any potential hazards. In the event of serving alcohol, not only is it best to have extra liability coverage, but also it’s mandatory to make sure everyone has a safe ride home.

Talk to an agent about your specific insurance needs for your or your loved ones wedding day by giving them a call at 888.865.1244. We can help get you the coverage you need so when the big day comes, you can relax and enjoy the day!

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