Insurance Riders for a Wedding Event

Congrats on the big day! On your wedding day, the last thing you want to be thinking of is whether you have insurance in place to help protect your from any mishaps. Whether you are hosting your wedding at your house, or another location, you should make sure that you have adequate insurance. One way of getting insurance coverage for your wedding is with an insurance rider.


Many people opt for a wedding insurance policy. This is a special type of insurance policy dedicated to the needs of your wedding day. Most wedding insurance policies help cover:

  • Liability – if one of your guests gets hurt or sick at your wedding, then liability coverage would help protect your financially if someone decides to sue you. Often, liability coverage will include liquor liability.
  • Cancellation or postponement– unfortunately, cancellations and postponements of weddings occur. Sometimes the weather is severe, or a bride or groom is sick or injured. Other times, family members may not be able to make the date. For reasons outside of your control, cancellation and postponement insurance will help to reimburse you. Sometimes, this coverage will also reimburse you if a vendor does not show up on your wedding day.

In addition to a standard wedding insurance policy, riders can be added on. An insurance rider is an add-on to your existing policy. Most insurance policies have some wiggle room if you want to customize your coverage to your needs. In the event of a wedding, there are some insurance riders that you may want to consider adding before the big day rolls around.

  • Military deployment of a bride or groom which causes the wedding to canceled
  • Your honeymoon. If you need to cancel your honeymoon, this may be a good rider to add to your wedding policy
  • If your gifts are stolen, then this additional coverage would help protect you.
  • Professional Counseling – if your wedding is postponed or cancelled and it causes you emotional stress, a professional counseling rider can help cover those costs.
  • Liquor Host Liability Insurance – If alcohol is going to be served, then you should look into liquor host liability. If you are hosting your event at a venue outside of your home, the venue may already have liquor liability (which helps protect them, but not your guests). Or, if you are hiring a bartender or catering service, they may have their own liquor liability insurance. Before your wedding, it’s a good idea to double check. Liquor host liability will help protect you from lawsuits and claims made against you from industry or damage caused under the influence of alcohol. Though alcohol is a popular choice at weddings, it can be a liability. Remind your guests to be safe and responsible when consuming alcohol. Never let any of your guests drive after drinking.


There are some things that wedding insurance does not cover. These usually include:

  • Cold feet
  • A rainy day (as opposed to severe weather)
  • Loss or theft of the engagement ring
  • Switching vendors after paying the deposit


Wedding insurance and riders are good options if you are looking to help ensure your big day goes smoothly. To get coverage for your wedding, call your insurance agent. They will be able to help you get the coverage you need for your wedding day, including those additional riders. They can also help you find the right amount of coverage and the types of coverage you need.

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