Insurance for Your Summer Vacation

When you think about vacation, your mind is focused on packing and relaxing- not on insurance. We want you to focus on the fun memories you will make and the exciting adventure you are about to go on. In order to have a relaxing vacation we understand that things like packing need to be done. You should also understand that you’ll want to check on a couple of things with your home insurance policy before you go away as well.


Here are a couple of things to keep in mind before your next summer vacation, at home and on the road:

  • The Basics
  • Backyard Liability
  • Storm Coverage
  • Home Inventory
  • Car Insurance While Traveling
  • RV Insurance While Traveling


The Basics

You’re liable for anything that happens to your property while you and your family are away, even if you hire aVacation and Insurance house sitter.  Take the proper steps to insure the safety of your household! This can include finding someone to care for your pet if they are staying behind. Another thing to be aware of, is that break-ins are common when a family is away. Try to avoid posting when you’re away on social media- don’t give any hints that you’re not home!


Backyard Liability

Having a fun backyard can be nice, but when you’re not home your neighbors may still want to take advantage. If you own a pool, be sure that it is properly latched and closed off while you are not there to supervise. You won’t be there to enjoy the festivities, and you won’t enjoy the liability should damage be done.


Storm Coverage

If a storm should occur, have a close friend of family member check on your house and make sure no damage Summer Vacation Long Blog 1has been done. If a storm does occur, you’ll want to know your house is covered if something happens. This may mean obtaining a flood insurance policy for your home that can help cover you for flood damage.

A basic home insurance policy will not cover flood damage, but a flood insurance policy will. Many homeowners aren’t aware of this fact until after their home is damaged and they have a flood claim. Summer is a great time to travel, but it is also hurricane season. Make sure you are aware of your insurance coverage for the weather.


Home Inventory

Before leaving, take a home inventory of your belongings. That way, in case of burglary, you’ll be able to keep track of your valuables. Remember, you have worldwide coverage of your Homeowner’s Insurance policy, including hotel room and rental car coverage. Talk to an agent about all of your concerns prior to boarding car insurance vacationyour flight, and take off without worry!


Car Insurance While Traveling

Although you have worldwide coverage on your Homeowner’s policy, you’re Auto Insurance is limited. The auto policy you have on your primary vehicle is transferable to a rental car while in the United States (Canada and Puerto Rico too!) and your Collision and Comprehensive coverage follows you. If you’re traveling out of the country, you’ll need to purchase Rental Car Insurance. You might also want to perchance the “Collision Deductible Waiver” from the rental car company to cover a loss of use of the vehicle while it is in a shop, among other costs.


RV Insurance While Traveling

A trip in the RV is a perfect way to spend your vacation time! You have your own space; no public bathrooms and there’s always a comfy spot to rest. Since an RV acts as a car and temporary home, you may think multiple insurance policies are needed. No need to pay for double protection: a Recreational Vehicle Insurance policy is rv insurancethe way to go! Whether you own a pop-up, trailer or motor home- accidents can occur. Your personal property coverage from your homeowners insurance extends to your RV of Travel Trailer. Make sure your home insurance is up to date prior to traveling and ask about special coverage for any custom equipment you may bring along.

Collision and Comprehensive coverage can be added to an existing RV policy while you’re on the road. This can protect you and the RV is an accident happens. If a tree falls on your RV, it gets vandalized or backed into- you’re covered with physical damage coverage regardless if you’re on the road or campsite. Most campsites require you to have liability coverage on your RV before entering the park, so talk to an agent about having the proper policy before taking to the open road!

Now it’s time to take that vacation. Once you check off everything on the above check list you know you can relax about leaving your home and hitting the road. Unfortunately summer will be over before you know it so how can you not squeeze in one last trip? If you have questions before you go (or anytime) give our agents and service staff a call at 888.865.1244!

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