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What Insurance Do I Need for My Wedding?

In the midst of all the wedding planning, you can easily glance over insurance. But having insurance for your wedding is important. In addition to the stress of having a wedding, the last thing you want to think about is insurance coverage. However, having insurance is like a safety net. Just in case something goes wrong (which we hope doesn’t!) insurance is there to help protect you financially. While getting your wedding squared away, make sure to ask your insurance agent about these coverages to help you big day run smoothly.


Jewelry Insurance

Engagement rings and wedding bands are not cheap! They’re typically a lifetime investment. Don’t take this for granted. People accidentally lose wedding rings all the time. And in some situations, they can be stolen or damaged. Talk to your insurance agent about jewelry insurance. Jewelry insurance is a specialty insurance coverage and it goes beyond your homeowners insurance coverage. It’s not subject to a deductible and the limits may be higher. Getting insurance for your wedding and engagement ring is a popular and useful type of coverage to consider.


Liquor Liability

Alcohol is often present at weddings. If you decide to serve alcohol make sure that you, or the venue/vendor has liquor liability insurance. Or, If you are hosting the event at you home, then it is worth discussing with your agent. If you are having your wedding at a venue, they most likely already have this coverage, but it’s a good idea to ask. Liquor liability helps protect you in the event an accident involving alcohol occurs and you are found liable. While this protection is good to have, it’s best to encourage guests to be safe while consuming alcohol. Make sure that they can get a taxi if they are intoxicated – never let your guests drink and drive!


Homeowners Insurance

If you are planning on having your wedding at your home, or a friend or family members’ home, then talk to your agent about homeowners insurance coverage. With the amount of people who come to attend a wedding, upping your coverage can be a good move. Or, you may want to think about adding an umbrella policy to your existing package. Being prepared for an accident before it happens can minimize the damage in the future.


Special Event Insurance

Special Event, or wedding insurance, is another type of coverage to think about. It’s designed to help protect your financially for special occasions and gatherings. Let’s say you need to cancel or reschedule your big day – that’s where special event insurance can help. It can help cover things like the catering company, photographer, and venue. It can also help cover repairing specialty attire and jewelry, as well as the cost of lost or damaged gifts. If someone gets hurt at the wedding or the venue is damaged, special event insurance may also be able to help!


Don’t let a hiccup ruin your wedding day. Insurance is there for when things don’t go quite as planned. Hopefully, your wedding will proceed without any problems. But if it’s not the case, it’s good to be prepared. Talk to your insurance agent about insurance for your wedding. Wedding insurance and these other coverages can make a huge difference in feeling confident on the big day!


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