Is a Fireworks Accident covered on my Home Insurance in Massachusetts?

As a Massachusetts resident, you know that fireworks are illegal in MA and though this can be quite unfortunate when celebrations, like the Fourth of July, roll around, it’s important to observe this law. So even if you buy your fireworks (legally) in another state and bring them back or only use sparklers or other small (class C) fireworks that are typically labeled  “safe”, you are still breaking the law and are subject to being fined – not to mention, risking your safety and that of others nearby.

So, you might be wondering, if someone at your home is using fireworks and there is an accident, does my Massachusetts Home Insurance cover the damage? You might be surprised to know that typically your Homeowners Insurance in MA will consider said damage (or injury) to be covered – obviously according to your specific situation. Unlike, for example, if you get in a car accident while drag-racing down the street – this type of illegal activity will void your car insurance policy.

Now, this doesn’t mean that it is okay to use fireworks in MA and get away with it! It simply means that if something were to happen as a result of fireworks use, you are able to put in a claim and will likely receive help with repairing the damage.

And if you really think about it, the big fireworks shows are typically more spectacular to watch anyways! I am still looking for where to find the best fireworks in Massachusetts…any suggestions?!

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