Is Car Damage from a Crazed Turkey Covered?

A little anecdote and a little advice from one of our agents at Encharter Insurance:

“I was driving down the road and out of the corner of my eye, I see a turkey (you know, one of those huge wild turkeys running towards my car) and it happened too fast.  There was no time to stop or slow down; I thought for sure that he was going to hit me! But instead of hitting me, he flew right over my car! Good thing, but can you imagine if that huge turkey slammed right into my car?!”

A deer, dog, or even wild turkey, could come running out of the woods right into the side of your car!  Are you covered?

That kind of damage would typically be covered under the comprehensive coverage on your Connecticut Car Insurance policy. In most cases, car accidents with animals are covered under your comprehensive coverage, which also covers fire, theft, vandalism, and glass.  So even if your car is old and possibly not worth much, and you’re thinking of just taking off your collision coverage, keep comprehensive on the car! If not for the possible animal claims, then possibly for the glass claims. Most glass claims have a ZERO deductible; i.e. chips, cracks and straight up breaks! Never assume you are covered; it is ALWAYS best to consult with your CT Insurance agent to ensure you’re covered.  And watch out for those turkeys!

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