My Lawn is the Bus Stop…Now What?


NJ homeowners insuranceLook out your window on the first day of school to find a crowd of kids waiting to be picked up by the bus? This is a great scenario if you have children. You can watch from the window in your pajamas to make sure they get on the bus safely. If you are not a parent and you don’t know who any of these children are, this may be alarming to now be the home of one of the local New Jersey school’s bus stop. Aside from the fact that your lawn may be getting damaged, what about if you have to get out of your driveway? The situation could make the traffic for your morning commute start before you even leave your property. After all, is there anything worse than being stuck behind a bus on your morning commute?

Beyond the annoyances that the situation can bring, it could also end up being a bigger issue.
As your insurance company one of our thoughts is if something were to happen to one of the kids on your property. It may seem like a far-fetched idea, but accidents happen, especially when we are talking about children. When it comes to coverage for someone being harmed on your property, having enough liability coverage on your NJ homeowners insurance will be key! If this is a concern for you, give our agents a call. They can talk you through your current coverage limits and even help you with the options when it comes to adding liability coverage, even getting an umbrella insurance policy.

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