MA Umbrella Insurance Questions Answered

Most people know what the typical insurance policies entail. MA Auto Insurance and MA Home Insurance are pretty common. But how about MA Umbrella Insurance? Although it is a fairly common policy, not everyone knows what it is, or even has one. Umbrella Insurance is extra liability coverage, on top of your traditional policies. Let’s go over some common reasons for having a MA Umbrella Insurance policy:

  • For those situations you could never imagine happening to you, but do… For example, if you get into a huge car accident and you are held responsible, will you have enough liability coverage in your MA Car Insurance policy to cover all costs? What happens if you are held responsible for negligence, dog bites, or swimming pool responsibilities? The list goes on.
  • Lawyers are expensive. Wouldn’t you rest easy knowing that your insurance company can take care of lawyer expenses under your MA Umbrella Insurance policy?
  • If you use it once, it pays for itself. An umbrella policy is not expensive to buy. Your MA insurance agent can give you a free quote easily. All it takes is one phone call.
  • One situation could drain your entire life savings, and everything that you’re worth. Why take the chance? A MA Umbrella Insurance policy will protect you against those unlikely events that could change your entire life. Don’t leave anything to chance.

Your MA insurance agent can give you more information on the benefits of a MA Umbrella Insurance policy. Encharter Insurance’s agents are experts in the benefits of insurance, and can advise you to the best decision for your individual situation. The unexpected is still possible. You don’t want to wait until the impossible happens before you get the coverage you need.


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