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How Do I Make the Best Thanksgiving Turkey?

antiques insurance coverageYesterday we talked about ways to impress your guests on Thanksgiving, today I say we get back to the basics. Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays that we can still keep it simple with. It truly is about family, great food, and being thankful. Everyone has their own traditions, some may even include using special china for the occasion. If you will be breaking out the antique, family china this Thanksgiving make sure you’ll be covered if anything happens to them with antiques insurance. When it comes to antiques, you can never truly replace them due to the memory and tradition embedded in them, but as you watch them get carried around its reassuring knowing they are insured.

Now that you have your traditional dishes covered, it’s time to work on what you will be putting on them. These turkey tips from the Food Network can help you to make your best turkey yet!

  1. Frozen turkey? The best way to thaw is in the fridge (five hours per pound).
  2. Put the turkey in the fridge uncovered overnight for crisper skin.
  3. Time crunch? If you split your turkey so it lies flat, you can cook it in just eight minutes per pound at 450 degrees F.
  4. For more flavorful gravy, add onions, garlic, celery, etc. on the bottom of the pan before you put the turkey in.
  5. Did you know turkeys cook more evenly if they aren’t filled with stuffing?
  6. It may be tempting to check up on your turkey a lot, but the more you open the door the more the temperature will drop.
  7. Your bird will cook more evenly if not trussed.
  8. When to take out the turkey: if the temperature reads 165 degrees F at the thickest point (stuffing should also read 165).
  9. After you take the turkey out, loosely put a foil tent over it and let it sit for 30 to 60 minutes before you start carving.
  10. When cutting your turkey, cut the legs and wings off first and you will have more room to cut the rest (this will require as sharp of a knife as possible).

Nothing, but the best for your guests, right? The nicest antique china and now the  best tasting turkey they will ever have. Happy Thanksgiving!

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