New Jersey Auto Insurance for Your New Convertible

Are you enjoying this beautiful weather as much as I am? Despite the lack of snow this winter has brought, I am still just as excited for the warm weather to grace us with its presence, as I am every year. Enjoying a warm summer day with friends or family beats any cold, dreary winter day inside.  Can you tell I am ready to retire my winter coats and whip out my shorts and tee shirts?

With summer starting, a lot of us might be gearing up to open our pools, get the yard ready, or even finally look into purchasing that dream car you’ve always wanted.  What better way to kick off summer than with that convertible you always wanted?  If you have been preparing to make such a purchase look no further than this list of some of the pros (practical and not-so-practical) for buying your dream convertible, compliments of AOL:

  • Convertibles are fun – You don’t need to be speeding at 100 mph in a convertible to feel like a daredevil.  Let the outdoor elements whip the breeze through your hair and allow the sun to penetrate your skin
  • Unlimited headroom – Tall? Don’t like restricted ceiling space? Then a convertible is perfect for you!
  • Chicks dig convertibles – This has been a universal rule for awhile now, right?
  • Convertibles eliminate blind spots – If you always miss spotting that car in your blind spot, imagine the difference a convertible can make!
  • A convertible responds to our moods – If it’s nice out, you can put your top down. If it’s cold out, then you can put the top up.  No matter what you’re feeling, you always have an option.  Convertibles make you feel proud of the car you own.

Since you are going to be proud convertible owner, make sure you purchase NJ Auto Insurance to help protect your new pride and joy.  Even if it’s just for the summer and you won’t be using it enough, it’s important to have the coverage you need for your convertible. Just because your car doesn’t have a cover all the time, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need coverage all the time!

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