New Skin Printing Technology for Burn Victims

Call me crazy, but I enjoy the feeling of printing out a lengthy report and having the paper still warm when I staple it all together. Being able to see the finished product right in front of me after having it all on my laptop seconds ago still impresses me.

Not to be outdone by measly words on a white piece of paper, researchers at Wake Forest University have developed a skin “printing” system to help aid wounded soldiers. This advanced technology would take a fragment of existing skin and replicate it layer by layer.

This skin replacement system sails far above my head, and is much more futuristic than my HP printer, but researchers are hoping this technology will extend to civilians as well. Fires occur at homes on a daily basis and although homes can be replaced through Connecticut home insurance, burns can sometimes never fully heal.

Although this technology may be still need a few more years to perfect, accidents happen daily so review your CT home insurance policy and CT auto insurance policy to verify that your coverage is where you want it to be. Talk to your Encharter Insurance agent today about the insurance policies you will need to keep your family and your valuables safe.

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