No Car, No CT Car Insurance; How ‘Bout A Cow?

Here’s a headline you probably weren’t expecting to see. It’s true; a 15-year-old German teenager, Regina Mayer, has trained her cow, Luna, to jump over barriers. Even more surprisingly, she trained the cow to allow her to ride on it.

Wanting a horse (like most people do as a young teenager), she was disappointed when her parents wouldn’t buy her one. Instead of accepting defeat, she managed to train her family’s cow to act similarly to a horse. Regina is still hoping for a horse, but for now, Luna the cow will do.

A cow is definitely an alternative form of transportation, especially for Germany which prides itself on its automobile history. Although Regina wouldn’t need Connecticut car insurance if she lived here to ride around, other holders of Connecticut auto insurance would certainly turn their head to see a cow walking down the street with a saddle and a human on its back.

Who knows, maybe she’ll start up a business for training other animals. I’ve never heard of someone training a cow to act like a horse. She could be the first cow whisperer. If so, that’d be an interesting business plan and if started here, it would require interesting Connecticut business insurance.

Maybe Regina’s parents will reconsider buying Regina a horse when they need milk and Luna is out and about with a saddle on her back.

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