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Organizing Your Home Could Save You Money!

We are always looking for ways to save money, right? And while we may not always want to organize, it’s on our list of things we need to do.  If you need another reason to organize your home, I may have one for you: you can save money! Take a look at some of these interesting ways organizing your home saves you money:

  • It allows you to see what you have. Things that you had in the back of your closet or hiding somewhere may be something you’ve been looking for or thinking of buying. If that’s the case, you’re saving money by not buying something you already own.  What you have may include actual money! Whether it be un-deposited checks, gift cards, or actual cash, you never know what you may have hiding.
  • Organizing allows you to use what you have, which can avoid waste. This can be especially handy when talking about food. If you know what items and ingredients you have in your home, you can use them before they become stale or save yourself from re-buying. Another thing we might lose and forget we have is various coupons and gift cards, keeping this in a visible place will help us remember to use them!
  • If you sit down and organize important things you may be losing track of like bills, you can save yourself money on late or other unnecessary charges. Plus, having an organized stack of bills will help you to breathe easier, and it means you’re more likely to catch fraudulent charges.
  • While going through your home you may be able to donate goods as well! Not only will you be doing something great for the community, but you can also help yourself out. If you keep track of what you’re donating you may just get yourself a tax deduction. Imagine that! Donating to people in need, organizing your home, and getting some money back, that sounds like a win-win-win situation to me!

While de-cluttering your home you may come across valuable items such as jewelry or art you never knew you had. If you do come across certain valuables, or a freshly organized house makes you want to double check your New Jersey home insurance coverage, talk to an Encharter Insurance agent! Checking up on your homeowner’s policy may be another way to save money when it comes to your home.

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