Being a condo owner is a unique situation when it comes to insurance. You aren’t simply just renting, so a renters insurance policy isn’t the right fit, but you aren’t quite in need of a homeowners insurance policy. Massachusetts condo owners are going to need a Condo Insurance policy, with just the right coverage for their needs. The condo fees that you pay are not going to cover you in the event that your belongings are stolen or damaged or if you are in need of liability insurance. Your condo association will not give you the coverage you need.

Speak with one of our agents about a condo insurance policy to fit all of your needs. They can help you get coverage for all of the things your condo association won’t cover. For example, they can help you get the coverage you need for everything in your condo ranging from furniture and appliances right down to the smaller items, like your electronics and clothes. The list below gives a better overview of some of the things a basic MA condo insurance policy will cover:

  • Appliances
  • Personal possessions
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Liability coverage
  • Cabinetry
  • Improvements or upgrades made to your home
  • Wallpaper and carpeting
  • And more!

Do you really need condominium insurance? If you have a mortgage, you will be required to have coverage. If you don’t have a mortgage and it’s an option, you definitely won’t regret taking the option to have a policy. Your insurance agent will recommend limits for a policy that include protection for the following coverages:

  • Medical payments
  • Loss assessment
  • Replacement Cost
  • Liability
  • And more!

Having the above as part of your condo insurance can help cover you, in addition to covering your condo and belongings. Once you have a basic policy with the proper coverage, you may want to consider adding specialty or additional policies. Adding additional policies will depend on your individual needs, but some common examples include:

Your policy may vary based on just how much coverage you need, the value of your possessions inside your condo, and potential coverage provided by your condo association. As is the case with many insurance policies, take some time to talk to your agent about potential discounts available if you are worried about cost of premium. Depending on the carrier they may be able to offer you discounts for combining your condo policy with your auto, or even making your payment in full.

Condo ownerships seem to be at an all-time high for Massachusetts residents, especially around the major cities. While that may be a fun fact you are all too familiar with as a condo owner, what about these fun facts about your state?

  • Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith in Springfield. And volleyball was invented in Holyoke in 1895.
  • The very first subway system in the US wasn’t in NYC, it was in Boston.
  • The very first public beach in located in Revere.
  • Peabody is known as the “leather city” because it was once the world’s largest leather producer.
  • Harvard was the first established college in North America, way back in 1636.

Whether you’ve just moved into your condominium, you’ve been there for years, or you’re shopping for more competitive rates than you have with your current carrier, talk with one of our agents today. For the most accurate quote, it may be helpful to have the following information handy when you give our agents a call:

  • Year the condo was built
  • Details of any losses (within the last 6 years)
  • What part of your condo is covered under your Association’s Master policy. To find this information, check your condo by-laws.

With the multi-policy discount, you can even save money on your Condo Insurance policy by bundling it with your auto insurance policy.  Encharter offers great coverage on a wide variety of policies so make sure all of your important possessions are covered.

Give the agents at Encharter Insurance a call today at 888.754.8299 to get a quote for your condo insurance in Massachusetts or use our contact form above!


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