Encharter has been providing Lexington, Massachusetts residents reliable insurance since 1879.  Encharter is based in Lexington, which is a quick car ride away!  We understand what it means to live in a small town and we can help find you a car, home, or renters insurance policy to meet your needs!

Auto Insurance in Lexington, MA

The roads your drive to work or to the grocery stores are the same ones where we drive.  State law mandates Lexington Massachusetts residents to have auto insurance, so why not get insurance from a company who is familiar with the conditions that you may face.  Our Encharter agents are ready to help you pick the plan that best suits you.  From collision coverage, liability insurance, medical coverage, and comprehensive coverage, and more, we want to help keep you and your car safe.  We understand that expenses add up, so we have plenty of discounts that you may be able to qualify for.  Good student, safe driver, theft device, and paid-in full discounts are all offered in addition to many more.  Encharter is here to help Auburn save money and be safe from the dangers of the road!

Home Insurance in Lexington, MA

The weather here in Lexington, MA can be unpredictable and it can sometimes cause unexpected damage.  But life happens inside your home and we understand that keeping it safe is important.  Encharter can assist you to find the protection you need.  Home insurance can cover replacement costs, additional living expenses, personal possessions, liability protection, and the structure of your home.  There are also additional specialty policies that you may want to consider.  Speaking to an agent will help you determine what is right for you.  They can also help you find any discounts that you may be able to qualify for!

Small Business Insurance for Lexington, Businesses

We know the ins and outs of being a small business because we’ve been one for a while.  We appreciate everything you do, and our commercial insurance can help you protect your business.  General liability, workers compensation, commercial auto insurance, and other options are available for your business.  Our Encharter agents will find the policy that will be most valuable to your needs.  We want your Lexington Massachusetts business to thrive, and having a good insurance policy can make a difference.

Encharter is here to help Lexington residents protect everything they need.  Maybe you need auto insurance, or homeowners insurance, or something else.  Whatever it is, an agent will be ready to assist you!  Hop in your car and drive over, or pick up the phone can give us a quick call!

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