While your landlord will offer some coverage, it isn’t enough. Renters insurance gives you the coverage you need for your belongings and the liability coverage you would need if something were to happen as a renter.

If you are living in a rented space in CT, MA, or NJ, you need a renters insurance policy to protect you and your belongings! Should something occur in your apartment, condo, house, etc. and you are deemed at-fault, you are held responsible for the repairs or replacements that need to be made. The three types of peril protection that this policy will cover you for are: damage to your apartment or rental home, damage to your possessions, and liability damages. Specific damages may include:

  • Fire and smoke
  • Theft
  • Pipe freezing
  • Water leakage
  • And more…

Many renters do not realize that their landlord’s policy will not cover their personal liability or personal belongings. Instead, in the instance of fire, storm damage, or other insured loss, a landlord’s policy only protects the building itself. In other words, should you incur a covered loss, the landlord would be responsible for repairing the building while you are responsible for replacing your possessions.

Obtaining a quote for renters insurance in Massachusetts, New Jersey or Connecticut just takes a few simple questions over the phone with an Encharter Insurance agent. We can shop our multiple carriers, and find you a comprehensive policy for your rented property and personal possessions. With numerous carrier and agency discounts available, you will be surprised at just how affordable it can be!  For instance, if you combine your Renters Insurance policy with your Auto Insurance policy, you could save big time!

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