As a collector, you know better than anyone the uniqueness of your collection. Get a policy to fit your specific collection with the help of our agents.

A collection can include a wide variety of things, but every collection is certainly unique. Whether it is something you have worked hard to grow and maintain or something you have inherited, it is definitely worth protecting. The best way to protect your possessions in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey is with a collections and antiques insurance policy. If something were to happen to your collection, you may not be able to recover the sentimental value that was lost, but the same may not be true for the collection itself. Having coverage will allow you to potentially replace or fix your collection if it were to be damaged or stolen.

Depending on just how unique and valuable your collection is, you most likely don’t have the coverage you need for it under your basic home insurance policy. Get insurance for your collection that is just as unique as the collection itself. Don’t rely on your basic policies, talk with our agents now to find out how to get something as unique as what you’re protecting.

Allow us to work with you and an appraiser to get the most accurate amount of protection and coverage. If you are unsure as to whether it would be covered under your homeowners or renters insurance policy, it is best to give us a call. There would be nothing worse than finding out when it was too late that you didn’t have the right coverage for your prized possessions. For MA, CT, or NJ residents, the agents at Encharter Insurance can provide more information about the protection, pricing, and restrictions for a collections insurance policy.

While you’re getting coverage for your precious possessions, you may also be interested in protecting your valuable jewelry or fine arts. Ask our agents about jewelry insurance and fine arts insurance so that all of your most valuable items are covered.

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