All collections are unique – and regardless of what types of antiques they are, all need to be properly protected. If you simply inherited something valuable or if you have been collecting antiques for years, any prized possession is worth finding the right coverage. Having a Connecticut antiques insurance policy is the best way to keep your antique safe from harm. Your basic condo, renters or home insurance policy may not be enough to protect you collection, especially if it is very valuable. Your antique should have insurance just as unique! Talk to an agent about how much your valuables are worth and how much insurance you should have.

If you lose your antique, the memories may be gone, but the collection can be replaced. In the event your collection is stolen or damaged, the proper protection will allow you to fix or replace your antique. When insuring a collection…

  • Antiques can be listed on home, renters, or condo polices, but there are limits subject to your deductible.
  • Ask your agent about adding breakage coverage for certain items.
  • Take a full inventory and document everything you have with photographs and written descriptions.
  • Get an appraisal!  This is very important with antiques because you will definitely not get what it is worth in the event of a loss without one.
  • Items will be covered for more perils.
  • If you get an independent inland marine policy, you will not be charged your homeowners deductible.

There are some questions to keep in mind when insuring any collection or antique you have. Before getting a collections policy, ask yourself:

  • Do you take your collection on the road with you for antique shows?
  • If so, where and for how long?
  • You will need to provide a list of destinations where your items are going and the time duration they will be out of your home for.
  • Some companies might require safety precautions as well while your antiques are being moved to another location.

How well do you know the state you live in? Did you know these fun facts about Connecticut?

  • Wallingford, CT has earned a worldwide reputation for the production of silverware.
  • Opened in 1771, the Scoville Memorial Library in Salisbury is the oldest public library in the United States.
  • Mary Kies was the first woman to receive a patent from the United States government in 1809. She developed a technique for braiding straw with various threads to produce bonnets.

Owning a valuable antique is why taking a home inventory is so important for all homeowners and renters insurance polices. Creating a record of everything in your home can help you remember all the important items you lose in the event of a fire or burglary. Taking a home inventory can also help bring your attention to items such as a collection you may have that need supplemental coverage.

You may think an antique car is covered under a basic auto insurance policy, but something as unique and delicate as that requires CT specialty insurance. Got an antique car? Here are some tips for your car collection:

  • Antique car policies insure your car to full value, so all the hard work you put into restoring it is worth it.
  • Even if it is stored in a garage most often, installing an alarm in the garage can save you money.
  • Having the right insurance can protect your antique car while it is getting rebuilt, worked on, or just sitting in your garage.
  • Comprehensive coverage is important to keep on a car, even if you are not driving it.  This will protect your car from fallen objects, windshield damage, and vandalism.
  • When insuring it, any company will require appraisals, receipts, photos, and a questionnaire regarding the car to make sure you’re properly covered.
  • An agent can help you get the proper plates installed in the event you want to take it out for a spin or enter it into a parade.

Get the most accurate appraisal for your antique by talking to an agent. They can help you discuss your collection with an appraiser. Not having the proper coverage can result in damage to your prized possession, so get it insured before it’s too late. If you are curious about insuring other valuables such as jewelry or fine art, discuss that with an agent as well.

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