With all the talk in the news, it’s obvious that the climate and weather conditions are changing. As patterns become more unpredictable, it’s important to ensure that your assets are protected from the unexpected. Whether you’re in a home, condo or apartment in Connecticut, you’ll want insurance to protect your investment and your belongings. Another important addition to your portfolio is an earthquake insurance policy. Even if you are not currently in an area prone to earthquakes, you can never be too sure that it cannot happen to you or your home.

Should your home be damaged by an earthquake, your traditional home, condo or renters policy would not protect you. This includes other weather disasters such as tornadoes and floods. Adding protection as a supplement to your home insurance policy is a small investment compared to the costs of repairing or rebuilding your home should an earthquake strike.

An earthquake insurance policy not only protects the structure of your home, it also protects the possessions inside your home. Would you be able to replace the belongings in your home on your own? While specific coverages for rare or expensive items require additional supplemental policies such as jewelry insurance or fine arts insurance, other items could be replaced with the assistance of an earthquake policy. If your CT home was destroyed, this policy would also provide you with the financial backing to help you rebuild.

Since most Connecticut homeowners are not familiar with earthquake experience, here are some other facts you may not know:

  • The area around East Haddam has seen the most earthquake action.
  • The state averages 1-2 earthquakes per year.
  • The odds of an earthquake that produces damage here is 1 in 20.

The agents at Encharter Insurance can walk you through the protection that an earthquake insurance policy can provide. Our experts can also answer your questions about the steps that would occur should an earthquake affect you home. To help you save money, ask us about the discounts for which you may be eligible.

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