Diamonds (and all of your favorite jewelry) are meant to be forever, but do you have enough coverage to replace it if it were lost or stolen. Check with our agents about adding a Jewelry Floater policy to your home insurance for the coverage you need.

When you are given a special piece of jewelry, you hope to have that piece forever. At the time, you may not think about it being lost or stolen, but what would happen if either of those occurred? The best way to protect your fine jewelry collections is by scheduling that item with an agent in Massachusetts, Connecticut, or New Jersey, otherwise known as jewelry insurance. Your home, apartment, or condo insurance policy may not cover those special items at full value, especially if they are expensive. The personal possessions coverage holds special limits. With your jewelry insurance policy, the special limit no longer applies and your item is insured for its full value.

Additionally, unlike other policies such as your apartment or condo insurance, scheduled items are not subject to a deductible should you file a claim. We want that diamond to be forever just as you planned, so give our agents a call to inquire about your coverage limits. An appraisal may not be necessary for all scheduled items. However, if your item is one of higher value, it may be required that your jewelry item’s appraisal is from within the last three years. Whether you are looking to protect just one special item or your entire jewelry collection, we want you to be fully covered in CT, NJ, and MA with a custom jewelry insurance policy.

When speaking with our agents about your coverage, also ask about discounts you may be eligible for as well. For instance, you could save big just by bundling your Jewelry floater with your auto insurance policy with our Combine and Save discount.

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