Jewelry such as an engagement ring or wedding band is sentimentally irreplaceable if lost or stolen. Your homeowners, condo or renters insurance offers contents coverage for items within your home in the event they are accidentally misplaced. For something as extravagant as a high-priced piece of jewelry, you may want to think about scheduling it and getting a special Connecticut jewelry insurance policy to protect it.

One of the most important things covered by your homeowners insurance are your personal belongings inside your home. With a typical home insurance policy, you will have limited coverage for unscheduled jewelry. Scheduling jewelry on your home, renters or condo insurance policy has never been easier. By working with an agent to design the best CT policy for your piece of jewelry, you will never have to worry about losing such a precious item. While your home, condo and renters insurance do cover basic jewelry protection, you may want to consider a jewelry insurance policy because:

  • The coverage on your basic home/condo/renters insurance is subject to your deductible
  • Your basic home/condo/renters insurance only protects your jewelry if it were to be stolen
  • Your deductible might be more than the your item is worth
  • If you schedule the item, you will get exactly what the appraisal says for the item
  • Items are covered for all the perils, including theft, fire, and if it is lost
  • It is not subject to your deductible
  • Items can be scheduled as low as $50!

An “inland marine” policy is an old-fashioned term from the 19th century referring to the shipping industry. The name described Connecticut insurance coverage for a ship’s cargo in transit, but now the term describes coverage to help protect jewelry as well!  With an independent inland marine policy:

  • You will get exactly what the appraisal says for the item
  • Items are covered for all the perils, including theft, fire, and if it is lost
  • There is no deductible
  • Items can be insured as low as $50!

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Owning a valuable piece of jewelry is why taking a home inventory is so important for all homeowners and renters insurance polices. Creating a record of everything in your home can help you remember all the important items you lose in the event of a fire or burglary. Taking a home inventory can also help bring your attention to items such as jewelry or other valuables you may have that need supplemental coverage.

A basic Connecticut home insurance policy will give you coverage for a certain amount of personal possessions in your home. Before getting jewelry insurance, you should be well educated on what information you need to tell your agent. What should you know before getting insurance for a jewelry item?

–          You need the appraisal, or bill of sale for newly purchased item

–          Do you keep items in a safe or wear them regularly?

–          Do the items go into a safe when not worn?

–          Number of fire extinguishers in household

–          Burglar or fire alarm info such as the name of company, who installed it, and who connected it to police/fire

Jewelry insurance is usually very inexpensive, and some policies can be as low as a couple of dollars per $1000 insured.  Although we cannot replace the sentimental value of these pieces of jewelry, we can insure that we will replace them for what they are worth.  The fact that the jewelry is covered if you were to misplace it is a huge sigh of relief. For example, if you are on a boat and your wedding ring slips into the ocean, you are covered.  Or, if you were to lose an earring down the kitchen sink, you are still covered.  Also, if you lose a stone out of the setting of a ring or piece of jewelry, you are still guaranteed it can be replaced

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