Taking your off-road vehicle out, whether it is a dirt bike, ATV, etc., is always an adventure. If your vehicle suffered damage, don’t make replacing or fixing your ATV an adventure. Instead make sure you have the right policy before you hit the road.

As an off-road vehicle owner, you are always in for a lot of fun and adventure whenever you take your dirt bike, ATV, etc. for a ride. Before you hit the road for your next fun and exciting adventure, make sure you are covered for everything from an accident to your ride being stolen with off-road vehicle insurance in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Trust us, you will be able to have a lot more fun on the trails if you know you are protected if anything should happen to your off-road vehicle.

Here are a couple of examples of insurance policies our agents can help you get:

  • Dirt Bike Insurance
  • ATV Insurance
  • Side-by-side Insurance
  • 4WD Insurance

Whether or not coverage is required for your vehicle type or for your state, we highly recommend having insurance for your off-road vehicle. No matter what you are riding, our agents can help you get the coverage protection you need before you hit the trails. Accidents and damage can happen and it is important to be as prepared as you can if that does happen. Knowing you have coverage can be an added peace of mind.

Depending on your off road vehicle and your riding style, you may want even more coverage. Our agents might suggest an umbrella insurance policy for you which would protect you even if your liability were to exceed your limits.

Having the off-road vehicle insurance you need for your adventures in MA, CT, or NJ can keep you from having to pay for the damage out of pocket or have to replace it on your own. Protect your investment and call our agents now and let them help you get the protection you need before your next adventure!

While you're at it, ask our agents about discounts you're eligible for as well. For instance, you can save money just by bundling your Off-Road Vehicle policy with your Auto Insurance or Motorcycle Insurance policy.

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