Your recreational vehicle is your home and your car when you’re on the road. This requires a special kind of insurance policy to keep you covered.

Is there anything better than hitting the open road with your family in your RV? No matter how far you will be from your MA, CT, or NJ home, protect you and your family with rv insurance. While hitting the road can be fun and exciting, it also brings a lot of responsibility. You never know what is out on the open roads, or even what could happen parked in the RV lot! Along with the passengers on board, you also bring along a lot of your belongings. Although it serves as both your vehicle and your home for your journey, you're going to need more than just your typical auto insurance and homeowners insurance policies. It is essential that you make sure you have the coverage you need to stay safe while you are away.

We can customize your RV insurance coverage to fit your unique needs and traveling habits in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our agents can write a policy to cover anything from a pop-up to a travel trailer, to a motor-home to a seasonal. We can also provide special coverage for any custom parts and equipment that you have for your recreational vehicle. We can even protect your RV when it’s parked at home or alongside fellow travelers. Additionally, our policies can offer specialized towing and roadside assistance, just in case. And for that extra liability protection, talk with your agent about an umbrella insurance policy. Don’t forget to ask your agent about your recreational vehicle’s eligibility for an assortment of available discounts!

Call us today at 888.754.8299, or fill out the free online form and contact our agents to get your own customized, affordable quote!

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