Snowy winters are no stranger to New England residents. Most of us have grown to enjoy the snow, whether we are an avid snowmobiler or just like winter activities. Before hitting the trails, having the right insurance coverage should be your top priority. Without it, you would have to pay out-of-pocket for any damages done in the event of an accident. Of course, we all wish for safe and fun adventures during the winter season, but you never know when disaster may strike. Enjoy all the fun winter brings without the worry; talk to an agent about Connecticut snowmobile insurance!

Riding your snowmobile can be really exciting, but due to the slippery conditions of the trail it can also be dangerous. Bad weather conditions and other drivers can be unexpected, so be prepared for anything! An agent can find you the best snowmobile insurance policy in CT to fit your needs. No matter who you travel with, or where you go, having enough coverage will keep you safe. You should be aware of what coverages your policy includes:

  • Bodily injury liability can protect you in the event you or another passenger is injured in an accident in which you are at fault.
  • Collision coverage can protect you in the event that you are in an accident with another snowmobile.
  • Comprehensive coverage offers you protection for damages done to your snowmobile from something other than a collision.
  • Property damage liability can help protect you if you are the cause of any property damage or injury to others while driving your snowmobile.

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Some states require liability coverage, in the event a rider were to be injured, for snowmobiles. Your state may not require any specific coverage, but if you travel to ride, the other state may require certain liability. Getting snowmobile insurance is the same as getting auto insurance. You can get physical damage coverage, liability coverage for injuries and coverage for the snowmobile itself. Different insurance companies set different age limits for drivers, usually excluding anyone under the age of 10 years old. Regardless if they are unlicensed, it is crucial to let your agent know of any regular drivers of your snowmobile and their correct ages. When you lend your snowmobile out, you risk exposing yourself to any damages, personal injury or property damage done since you are legally responsible for the vehicle.

Having liability coverage, at the very least, is a good idea regardless if your state requires it or not. Without insurance, you could be found liable for thousands of dollars for someone else’s injuries since accidents do happen. Snowmobile policies can be reduced during the off-season, when the snowmobile is not being used, and are relatively inexpensive to begin with. When bundling it with your existing condo, renters or home insurance, you could even save money! Factors that determine the cost of your Connecticut snowmobile policy can include:

  • The amount of liability coverage and medical payments you purchase
  • The amount of physical damage coverage you purchase
  • The cost of the snowmobile when it was brand new
  • The size of the engine of the snowmobile
  • Driving records of the listed drivers may affect the premium as well

You can never be too prepared for what might happen during the winter season, or even during the off season when your snowmobile is stored. A CT snowmobile insurance policy can keep you safe all year. Give your snowmobile the protection it deserves; it was a huge investment! Additional coverage might be in your favor depending on your riding habits. If extra liability sounds beneficial, speak to an agent about an umbrella insurance policy.

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