Umbrella Insurance can give you added liability protection if your home and auto coverage does not provide you with enough. Umbrella insurance gives you extra liability if something like a lawsuit or large accident left you needing more.

Do you need extra liability coverage? Sure, your current limits on your home and auto policies will cover the basics such as bodily injury or property damage to others, but is that enough to keep you protected from potential lawsuits that can arise? Ask our agents about umbrella insurance coverage in CT, MA, and NJ. Just like it sounds, this insurance policy provides you with an extra umbrella of coverage to stand under.

An example for a situation in which you may need additional coverage is if you were involved in a multi-car accident. In this scenario, you may find liability costs to exceed the limits on even the most comprehensive car insurance policy. It may be hard to imagine situations like this occurring, but you can never be too prepared, especially in today’s world. We also believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost of umbrella insurance; an extra layer of coverage for you and your family in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey is more affordable than you think!

When you call our agents, they can work with your basic home and auto policies to figure out just how much extra liability would be right for you. Factors such as pools, trampolines or even young drivers increase your risk for a law suit. The standard recommended limit is $1 million, but depending on the type and worth of your assets, you may opt for more coverage.

If you want to update your current policies before inquiring about extra coverage, talk to an agent about our other personal insurance products. Our agents can provide you with advice on your coverage, as well as quote for additional policies to protect your assets.

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