There is no better way to feel secure and prepared in dire situations than knowing you have an insurance option on your side. While it may not be something you want to think about, you’ll know you’re leaving your family in a better position under your Connecticut life insurance policy. The agents at Encharter Insurance can help customize a policy to fit the needs of you and your family.

Choosing the right policy can be a confusing task. Many people aren’t sure what the best option for their lifestyle should be. Individual needs can vary depending on what life stage you are in, but whole and term life insurance policies are available to:

  • Pay for funeral costs
  • Replace lost earnings or wages
  • Provide educational benefits for dependents and children
  • And more…

Three life insurance options CT residents typically choose from are:

Whole Life Insurance

  • Provides coverage for your whole life, not just a specific period of time
  • Premiums tend to be higher than those for term life, but this option can be more valuable in the long run
  • Build equity AND have cash value

Term Life Insurance

  • Provides coverage for a “term” or period of your life
  • After specific terms expire, rates can change
  • Premiums tend to be lower for higher coverage
  • Cannot be used for cash value – no equity

Whole & Term Life Together

  • Build a lifelong base of whole life coverage
  • Use term life insurance to supplement specific times of your life

To determine the right policy, or policies for you, the life insurance experts at Encharter can sit down to review your needs and lifestyle to build you a quote with the appropriate coverage. You can talk with our agents about the various discounts that may be available to you, including our combine & save discount for combining policies such as home, auto or business.

While we’re learning new things, did you know these fun facts about Connecticut?

  • There may not be more than four amusement devices in an arcade in Rocky Hill.
  • Southington has a law banning silly string.
  • Sassafras was the first export to England by colonists in this area.

Whether you’re trying to decide the best life insurance policy for you or you’re looking for a quote on a new CT policy, talk with the experts at Encharter Insurance. We can meet your needs, build you a quote, and help you save on your insurance policies. When calling to obtain a quote, we will need the following information:

  • Birth date, gender, tobacco/non-tobacco user, height to weight ratio
  • Definition of quality of health
  • Coverage amounts you’re looking to secure

For a life insurance policy quote in Connecticut, call Encharter Insurance at 888.754.8299 or fill out our online form.


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