One of the most important things you can do for your family is to have the right Massachusetts life insurance in place if something were to happen to you. Many do not want to talk about life insurance and imagine the “what ifs”, but it is important to be prepared. There are so many costs to think about if something were to happen to you and very few people can cover those costs without the help of life insurance. There are options when it comes to life insurance, but there is the right policy and coverage for every person. Your needs and lifestyle may require a different policy than someone else. The best way to obtain the right policy for you is to work with an agent that can help answer your questions.

Why do you need life insurance? Here are just some of the many reasons people obtain life insurance:

  • Replacing lost earnings and wages
  • Paying funeral costs
  • Educational benefits for dependents and children

There are three options when it comes to the right MA life insurance policy for you. Here is more information on those options:

Term Life Insurance

  • Coverage for a “term” or period of your life
  • Rates can change after specific terms expire
  • Lower premiums for higher coverage
  • No equity—cannot be used as cash value

Whole Life Insurance

  • Coverage for your whole life—permanent, not for a specific period
  • Higher premiums than term life, but can be more valuable in the long run
  • Can build equity and have cash value

Term & Whole Life Together

  • Supplement specific times of your life with term life insurance
  • Build a lifelong base of whole life coverage

In the event that something happens to you, what would happen to your loved ones? Knowing they will have monetary help after you are gone can help reduce some of the stress that losing a loved one can cause. Funerals cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Having life insurance can help with that cost and prevent your loved ones from having to pay out of pocket. Another thing to consider is your bills. Whether it is mortgage or rent or car insurance or a car payment, if you are depended on to contribute, make sure the money would be there after something happened to you.

If you’re trying to decide which type of life insurance is right for you, our team of professionals can review your needs and build you a quote with appropriate coverage in Massachusetts. For more information about discounts that you might be eligible for or to learn about the other types of insurance products Encharter offers, such as homeauto, or business, talk to an agent today!

When calling to obtain a quote, this information is necessary to get the most accurate quote:

  • Birth date, gender, tobacco/non-tobacco user, height to weight ratio
  • Coverage amounts you’re looking to secure
  • Definition of quality of health

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