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Preparing for the Year Ahead

SEO marketingWhile I do like to live by some sort of schedule, I also enjoy some adventure and spontaneity. I attribute this need to my love for marketing as well. Marketing is ever changing, and there’s always something new to learn. But with new trends and new knowledge comes adaptation to your marketing plan. While it’s difficult to foresee exactly what will happen in your plan for 2014, I know that these 20 marketing statistics that will drive 2014 will be a part of our plan.

According to Media Bistro, social media will continue to rise. We’re not talking about slow and steady anymore. Having a social presence is part of Google’s algorithm now, so its importance is increasing. With that, giving people the opportunity to get social with you also becomes more important. Placing social sharing buttons in your email template encourages people to share what you are sharing. Of course, for shareworthy-content, you’ll have to develop a content marketing plan.

On another note, this infographic shows that 33 percent of organic search traffic will go to the 1st item listed on Google. That places an emphasis on both your content marketing, and especially your SEO. Metadata, meta keywords, valuable and relevant content on your site, and all of the other factors that Google considers should be on your radar to improve your search rankings. For your SEO, you should have a list of key words and phrases you’re optimizing for. These will also come in handy for any Pay-Per-Click campaigns you initiate. It’s anticipated that PPC budgets will increase by 72% for 2014.

The last two trends mentioned for 2014 are in regards to press releases and events. Since we’re becoming much more visual in this social world, it makes sense that more people believe that press releases should contain images. It’s also interesting to note how many B2B marketers are still confident in event marketing – 67 percent believe this is the most effective strategy.

That said, here are some key takeaways for planning your 2014 marketing plan:

  • Get on social media! At the very least, create a Facebook and a blog. Depending on your business, LinkedIn may also be an important part of your strategy.
  • Increase your visual content – including adding more videos!
  • Ask for customer testimonials about your products or services.

What else are you including for your 2014 plan? As always, stay up to date on Internet Marketing news and trends by subscribing to our Small Business Marketing blog!

Alyssa : )

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