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prepping car for spring

Prepping Your Car for Spring

When the snow starts to melt and the flowers begin to bloom, it’s time to prep your car for spring! Warmer weather means that (hopefully) you won’t need to defrost the car or wipe off the snow. Though the gripes of winter are fading away, you still need to make sure your car is ready to take on this season’s perils. Here are some quick tips that can help make your car safer this spring.

Switch Out the Winter Tires

If your car is currently outfitted with winter tires, it’s time to switch them out. While winter tires are the best option for winter, they don’t perform quite as well in dry or rainy weather. Change back to your all-season or three-season tires as the weather improves. Also take this time to purchase new tires if needed.

Check the Wiper Blades

You may not have noticed it, but your wiper blades may be worn out after a winter. Rain, ice, and other debris can wreak havoc on windshield wipers. Check your wiper blades and see if they need replacing. Also take note of which blades are the correct ones for your vehicle.

Check the Brakes

Similar to wiper blades, the winter can cause some wear on the brakes. If you have noticed your brakes squeaking, making noise, or anything else peculiar, take your car into the shop. You can also get a mechanic to do an inspection on your brakes so you can feel confident that they are in tip top shape.

Check Fluid and Oil Levels

Over the course of a season, the fluid levels in your car may be a bit depleted or in need of a change. These fluids can include power steering fluid, windshield washer solvent, and transmission and brake fluid. You should also check up on your oil levels. It’s a good idea to get your oil changed regularly as it helps your car stay in good working order. Bring your car to your local mechanic to get these fluids sorted out professionally.

Do a Thorough Clean

The winter can dirty your car – both inside and out. Once the weather looks clear, do a good clean. Vacuum the insides and be sure to find all those nooks and crannies. Spring is a great time to declutter as well! You can also clean the outside of your car. Perhaps it needs a good polish or wax.

Check Up on Your Auto Insurance

Now that the majority of the bad weather is behind us, take this time to take a look at your auto insurance policy. Does it reflect your needs? Has something changed that you need to tell your insurance agent about? Go through and make sure that your car insurance is up to date. It’s also a great time to increase your coverage if you think you need it. Or perhaps there are coverages that no longer apply to you. Talk to your agent to figure it out!

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