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Proposing on Valentine’s Day!

Before you pop the big question on valentine’s day, there are some insurance things you should think about. It might be all love and roses on the day, but afterwards, what happens? As far as insurance goes, proposing to a significant other is a big life event. Think about these things before the excitement of an engagement ensues.

Insurance for Engagement and Wedding Rings

An engagement ring could be a huge financial investment. What if something happens to it? Getting insurance for your engagement or wedding rings could help protect you financially. Think about getting specialized jewelry insurance so that the future with your partner can go perhaps a bit more smoothly. It can give you some peace of mind for the future. Learn more about insuring your engagement or wedding ring here!

Moving In Together

If you don’t already live together, moving in with your partner could be on the horizon. It can be both exciting and daunting. Looking for a suitable place to live, or moving into one of you existing homes, can be a huge task. Whenever your living situation changes, it’s a good idea to tell your insurance company. You may need to update your existing homeowners or renters insurance. If your partner has pets and you move in together, it’s another thing to tell your insurance agent about.

Finding a Home Together

Shopping for a new home is a unique process. When buying a new home, there are plenty of insurance factors to consider. Does the home have a security system? Does anything need to be updated? Does it have a pool? How do certain features affect your insurance rates? It can feel overwhelming, but talking to your agent beforehand can help you make informed decisions. You can also check out this helpful article about buying a home.

Updating the Home Inventory

When you’re combining your life with someone else’s, it’s a good idea to do a new home inventory. Make sure to keep receipts of expensive items (like your new engagement ring!) and other valuables. You can also make a video recording to help keep record. Keep your home inventory in a safe location that can be accessible in the event of an emergency.

Planning a Wedding

After the engagement, there’s a wedding! Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking, both with time and money. A typical wedding can be upwards of $30,000! It’s important to get the right coverage for the big day. Things can go wrong unexpectedly, so being prepared can help the nuptials go on without calamity. Your vendors, caterers, bartenders, etc. will usually have their own insurance coverage, but it’s never a bad idea to double check. Learn more about insurance for a wedding here!

Proposing in Valentine’s Day can be the start of the rest of your lives together. Just be prepared for the things that come after the big question. Hopefully, everything goes well. But life is unpredictable, and insurance is there for when incidents happen out of the blue!

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