Protect Your Collections With Encharter!

So in the midst of your spring cleaning have you come across any of your old collections; baseball cards, dolls, comic books? Don’t they bring back sweet memories? And it’s been so long, that you had forgotten you even had them anymore; but it’s those memories that make them so valuable to you. Of course, it’s their age and rarity that make them valuable to others as well. It’s time that you think about protecting them with an insurance policy.

Encharter Insurance offers insurance for collections; those items that are worth so much more to you than their monetary value because of the time and effort you put forth to put them together. Usually a collections policy can be an endorsement on your homeowner’s policy, but depending on the monetary value of the collectibles, we can write a completely separate policy. We can set coverage limits, deductibles, and replacement costs that best fit your collection and your wallet.

If preserving your childhood through the protection of the things that remind you most of it is important to you, Encharter wants to help. Contact us today about collections insurance and our agents can help you get started with a quote.

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