Protect your Identity!

Everyone has heard the horror stories, and has either had a firsthand encounter or knows someone that has had their identity stolen. Especially in today’s desperate economic situation people are looking towards crime as a source of revenue more than ever. Protect yourself with the added protection of MA Identity Theft Insurance. The average citizen has to take precautions to protect their information, and don’t be the person who thinks that it can never happen to you, because it can!

Here are some great tips for preventing identity theft, first, make sure to shred your documents; anything you throw in the trash is fair game. Criminals are not too proud to go dumpster diving, so make sure any credit cards you throw away have already been canceled.  Some potential pieces of personal information that thieves are after are your Social Security Number (SSN), Date of birth (DOB), Mother’s Maiden Name, Credit card number, Personal identification numbers (PINs), Passwords, and Driver’s license number. Another major issue with the technological aspect of today’s society is online shopping, when you purchase a product off a website, look for the VeriSign logo under the site’s security and privacy page and that the URL starts with “https://”.  Keep your important financial files in a very safe and well organized system so you can tell if some have gone missing or if something is unusual.

Keep your eyes out for those red flags! And keep yourself safe!

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