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How to Protect Your Stuff in College Dorms

Now that college is in full swing for most students, it’s important to protect all your belongings. Laptops, cameras, TV, and other personal items can be targeted. Burglars and other students could possibly be targeting belongings. Take precautions to keep your stuff safe and prevent theft or lost. Dorm life is fun, but it can be risky too. Here are some tips to help keep your stuff safe in the dorms:

  1. Always lock your door

Though it may be a no-brainer, make sure to always lock your door. Whether you are at home or out and about, keep your door locked. You never know when someone may decide to target your room. If you have roommates, make sure that they also lock the door.

  1. Don’t leave valuables lying around

If you have valuable items in your room, keep them away. Someone could be eyeing your things. By keeping your expensive items in a safe place, they are less likely to be swiped when you are not paying attention.

  1. Register your things

Often, colleges will let you register things like your laptop in the event it gets lost. Be sure to do so just in case. You should also write down serial numbers and take pictures of your valuables. Think of it like an inventory – you want a record of the things you own.

  1. Purchase a Safe or Lockbox

Having a safe or a lockbox for your valuables may deter people from stealing. You can anchor it to a pole or bolt to prevent someone from stealing the whole thing. It’s also good for deter visitors from your room from taking something because it’s lying around.

  1. Take your things with you when you leave

If you go home for a holiday or weekend, bring your valuables with you. While your room in unattended someone could try to break in. By bringing your thigns with you, you know that they are safe.

  1. Don’t lend out your keys

If you or your roommates have guests visiting, try to avoid giving them your keys. Though your friends may be trustworthy, they could forget to lock the door or someone you don’t know may have access to your stuff. It’s a risky situation that is easy to avoid.

  1. Never leave your stuff unattended

If you are in the library, student center, or anywhere else, don’t leave your stuff unattended. If you go to the bathroom, bring your bag and belongings. Someone could see you leave and take that opportunity to take your laptop or wallet. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

  1. Get insurance

If your parents have homeowners insurance, then your stuff might be protected under that policy. However, policies can differ so it’s a good idea to check with your insurance agent rather than assume. If you are renting an apartment, consider renters insurance. Your landlord has their own insurance, but it won’t protect your stuff. Ask your insurance agent about other policies that might be applicable to you as a college student. They can help you figure out how to best protect your things!


College is a fun time, so don’t let theft ruin your time. Use common sense and always err on the side of caution. It’s better to be too prepared than not prepared at all. College students are common targets, so do what you can to protect yourself.

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