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Small Business Tips for Working Remote

During these times, having a solid work-from-home protocol can help your small business achieve continued success. With a majority of states requiring residents to stay at home, remote work is the new norm for many people and businesses. What does it take to have a successful remote culture? Here are some tips for remote work.

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Improve Communication

In a typical office setting, a lot of communication can come from non-verbal cues. Being physically distanced from your employees can put a strain on communication. Now, more than ever, strong communication is necessary.

  • Use messaging apps. Using a business-focused messaging app is an easy way to connect with employees. While it may not be the same as speaking to them in person, it does help with quick questions, chatting, and overall connectivity. 
  • Using Video Calls. Opting for video calls over phone calls can help foster a comer communicative and connected business environment. It can help you get face time with employees safely. 
  • Be transparent. It can feel isolating and alienating to be working remotely. Take some extra efforts to communicate. Be open and honest; keep your employees in the loop as you navigate this complicated situation.  

Use Collaboration Tools 

There are plenty of tools and resources out there to help your employees be successful at their job while being remote. Adopting collaboration tools can help your team maintain productivity while being apart from each other.

  • File-Sharing Tools – there are file-sharing tools like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive, which allow your employees to collaborate and share with ease.
  • Project management – it’s important to keep track of your projects and to-dos. Keeping tabs on what’s happening is important to drive success.
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Boost Employee Morale

It can be difficult to adjust to working at home. Employees may miss the everyday social interactions with coworkers. Set aside some time for some company-wide social events.

  • Virtual Happy Hour. An easy way to get everyone connected is through a virtual happy hour. Put some time on your employee’s calendars for everyone to grab a drink and socialize. It’s a great way to decompress
  • Themed Video Calls. While having a themed-party may not be possible right now, add a theme to your video calls. For example, ask everyone to dial into the all-hands meeting while wearing their favorite sports jersey or costume!
  • Adding in Physical Activity. Your employees may miss walking around and stretching between meetings. Schedule in 20 or 30 minutes to have a stretching session. One idea is to hire a yoga instructor for a weekly stretching session. 

Adjusting to remote working can be hard, but you have the power to make it a little more comfortable for your employees. Hopefully, these tips will help your business be successful, even during challenging times. And don’t forget, Encharter is here to help. Give us a call with questions or concerns you may have about your small business.

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