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rental car pitfalls

Rental Car Insurance Pitfalls

Renting a car comes with a slew of paperwork and regulation. It can be intimidating to see pages of legal terms and agreements. The more you familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of renting a car, the easier it is to comprehend. These are some of the common pitfalls to watch out for when renting a car. Keep them in mind the next time you need a rental car.


Length of Rental

Make sure you know exactly how long you have the car rented for. In some instances, you may be charged extra if you return the car late. You should also be aware of certain restrictions that you credit card’s rental insurance may have. For instance, some cards will only cover trips for up to 15 days. Double check the trip length allowance before you rely on your credit card for rental car insurance.


Authorized Drivers

When you rent your car, make sure that only the authorized drivers are behind the wheel. If there are multiple drivers on the tripm make sure that the rental company is aware of that before you drive off the lot. In the event an unauthorized driver gets into an accident, your rental car insurance may be void. If a driver is under 25, they may also face additional restrictions and fees.


 Type of Vehicle

If you opt to use your credit card rental car insurance, then there may be restrictions to the type of car you can rent. If you rent a car that’s excluded from the credit card’s policy, then you might be without insurance coverage. For instance, some cards may exclude sports cars or SUVs. Call up your credit card company to confirm the types of vehicles are allowed with your card.


International Rentals

If you are planning on going on an international trip and renting a car, be aware! Some credit card companies will not cover trips in certain countries. In these instances, you may want to choose the rental company’s insurance policy. It is important to have rental car insurance coverage, no matter where you are on the globe.


Violation of Driving Laws

Be a prudent driver when using a rented car! If you get into an accident and they’ve found that you violated any traffic laws, your coverage may be void. While it is always important to follow the rules of the road, be extra cautious in your rental car. Use defensive driving and be patient.


You can talk to your insurance agent about any questions that you may have about renting a car. It’s also a good idea to talk to your credit card company about their rental car insurance coverage. They can help you figure out the specifics of their policy and how to stay protected on the road. You may also want to consider choosing the rental car company’s coverage. While it may be a more expensive option, it’s better to be well covered. For more tips on rental car insurance check out this article.


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