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My Resolution is to Get Healthier…Now What?

Out of all of the popular New Year’s resolutions I think the most popular is to get in shape or lose weight. If that is yours we have another incentive to give you that extra motivation throughout the year. Did you know that the price of life insurance varies based on your overall health and weight? A healthier you could be the difference in saving money every month on your Connecticut life insurance policy.

healthy life insurance discountsIt isn’t just losing weight, but your overall health that affects the cost of life insurance. Exercising and eating better can help the same way that quitting smoking can. When you’re healthy, you are less at risk for many illnesses and issues. While many factors go into the pricing of life insurance, your commitment to good health plays into the overall cost.

Another thing to consider on your journey to getting healthy is letting your agent know if you have a home gym. Exercise equipment is NOT cheap. Making sure you have enough personal possessions coverage on your CT home insurance policy is essential. You want to know that if something happens to your home you would be able to replace your equipment.

Just think: you can use that extra life insurance money you will be saving for your gym membership or your next healthy grocery shopping trip. Call us now for a life insurance quote at 888.865.1244. It’s a crucial insurance policy everyone should be armed with.

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