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Review Your Insurance This Summer

The summer is the perfect time to review your insurance. From fun days out on the boat, spending family time BBQing, and road trips, there are plenty of opportunities to review your coverages. Life happens, and that’s the best reason to look over your current coverage and think about any upcoming changes.


Summer Grilling

Before you break out the grill and set up the backyard games, think about your liability. Make sure that you take measures to prevent accidents before they happen. Have a fire extinguisher ready. Keep your grill away from your home and other nearby structures. Always supervise children and pets around the grill. Here are more summer grilling safety tips!



Pools are a fun way to keep the heat at bay. While the water is a summertime appeal for many, they can be quite dangerous. Pools and other attractive nuisances often pose safety threats if not minded properly. If you have a pool, having the proper safety measures in place is essential. Here are some ways to help keep your pool safe this summer. If you have just bought or installed a pool, call your insurance agent and let them know!



Just like pools, these attractive nuisances can be a safety liability. If you just set up a trampoline in your yard, call up your agent and tell them! Be sure to supervise children when they are on the trampoline. For more trampoline safety tips, check out this article.


Life Changes

Just got married? Engaged? Had a baby? Life is always changing. Big life changes could warrant an update in your insurance. As your life progresses you may find that your coverage needs change too. For example, if you and a significant other just moved in together, you may need to reevaluate your homeowners insurance. Everyone’s situation is different, and its important for your coverage to suit the needs of your life.


Home Renovations

Taking on a home renovation is no joke. Whether you decide to make it a DIY project or hire a contractor, updating your home is a big undertaking. Changing your home can also affect your insurance. With a home renovation, it’s important to communicate these changes to your insurance agent so they can help ensure that your homeowners insurance aligns with the upgrades.


Getting a new pup or kitty is exciting! As much as you love your new furry companion, pets can be huge liabilities. If your dog bites someone or destroys their property, you can be held liable. Laws regarding pets vary from state to state, so read up on your state specific laws before you bring your new pet home. Sometimes, pet liability falls under your homeowners insurance. Tell your agent about any new pets you adopt! Here is more information regarding insurance and your pet.


It’s never a bad idea to review your insurance. Whether you have any major additions or changes to your life, or not, stay on top of your insurance. You’ll never know when you may need it. Having adequate insurance coverage can help protect you in times of need. And if you have any questions or concerns, you can always call up your insurance agent!


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