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2018 RV Road Trip Checklist

It’s road trip season! The summer is the perfect time to pack a few bags and hit the open road. RVs are a popular way to travel around the country. But before you leave for your adventure, make sure that you are properly prepared for whatever life throws at you. Here’s a checklist of things you should consider before your RV road trip begins!


Get Insurance For Your RV

Whether you are renting an RV or you own one, getting it insured is important. You never know what is going to happen on a road trip. Having insurance and being prepared for whatever life throws at you can help protect you financially. Depending on the nature of your RV, your policy can differ. Talking to an insurance agent is the best way to get the policy that best suits your RV needs. They can help you get the policy that suits you. Learn more about RV insurance here!


Pack an Emergency Kit

Insurance isn’t the only thing you should have in the event of an accident. You don’t know what’s going to happen on the road. That’s why having an emergency kit is good practice. Make sure that you pack a first aid kit, emergency food and water, batteries, a radio, and a flashlight just in case!


Get Your RV Serviced

Getting your RV serviced before your trip should be on your to-do list. You don’t want your vehicle to break down unexpectedly. Take your recreational vehicle to a garage to have it checked out and serviced before you go. There are some basic maintenance things that you may be able to do yourself, such as checking the oil and tire pressure.


Pack Appropriate Clothing and Gear

Make sure to bring appropriate clothing for your trip. It often gets cold at night, so be prepared for the weather. If you are camping, bring equipment you need for that as well. Take into consideration what you will be doing and the things you need for those activities. Going camping? Bring a sleeping bag! Plan on cooking meals? Make sure you have a pot and a portable stove!


Tell Someone About Your Route

Another way to stay safe is to tell someone your plans. Whether that’s a family member or close friend – telling someone your plan is important in an emergency. They may be able to get you help if they know where you are. You may also want to check in with them during your trip so they know your current whereabouts.


Taking a road trip can be fun if you are prepared for it. Making sure that your RV is running up to par and taking the necessary precautions to keep you and loved ones safe will only make your trip go smoother. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, which is why you should have adequate insurance coverage and emergency plans in place. Hopefully, you won’t have to use them, but it can give you peace of mind.


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